Nutshell Album Review: The Rebel Light – The Rebel Light EP

Even though we have disappeared from your world, we promise it’s nothing personal. We took the last week off to become zen-masters or something artsy like that, but nonetheless we present to you The Rebel Light, the debut EP from the LA indie trio of the same name. The attraction to this album was admittedly a strange one. The reason I was inclined to feature this album is because the story is amazing. The EP is completely self-produced. They use a wide variety of quirky, but well used instruments like trumpets and xylophones, they make awesome music videos, and my personal favorite, they recorded vocals and drums in a bathroom and woodshed. Can you say gritty? Definitely one of the best production stories heard since an album recorded in a garage won a Grammy. But other than that, The Rebel Light has a talent that is worth noting, no matter how they decide to record albums.

The EP opens with “My Heroes Are Dead”, a song with a hi-pass drum opening that breaks into a Portugal. The Man style trance. Anyone who listens to psychedelic prog-rock would attract to the overall hookiness (it’s totally a word), and it breaks into a powerful solo with trumpet overdubs and resonating drums that would fire anyone who likes music into a fit of happiness. “Goodbye Serenade”, other than having a wonderful music video, opens up with a beautiful piano part that sends you into a rhythm-dominated song. With a large emphasis put on stuttery drums and a driving bass beat, it instantly shoves listeners into “concert crowd member” mode, where you stop caring how stupid you look when you are jamming out really intensely because the song is just that damn good. The third and final track (plus the radio edit) is “Wake Up Your Mind”, a synthy track reminiscent of The Temper Trap’s self-titled second album. It breaks into more of a rock song than an indie one at the start of the verse, with megaphone-like vocals and a distorted bass line. The track strays from the EP’s other two songs, but in a positive way that says “We can make jammy-stuff. Oh and also really awesome rock songs.”

The Rebel Light is not a household name. Honestly. I wish that wasn’t the case. If this EP is any sign of things to come, then The Rebel Light is going to be a huge band in the coming years. These three songs were able to grab the band a few new fans and the EP isn’t even released yet. The Rebel Light EP gets a 91/100. Not bad for a band’s first music ever. On November 13th, find this EP and buy it. Twice. Until then, check out The Rebel Light on Bandcamp and Facebook.

The Rebel Light EP Tracklisting:

  1. My Heroes Are Dead
  2. Goodbye Serenade
  3. Wake Up Your Mind
  4. Wake Up Your Mind (Radio Edit)

Also, check out their music video for “Goodbye Serenade”:


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