Nutshell Album Review: Blondfire – Where The Kids Are EP (“2 EP Tuesday” 12-04-12)

Blondfire“2 EP Tuesday” is basically an excuse for us to make bad puns and listen to double the cool music on any given Tuesday night. We hope you’re down with that, because it’s a thing now.

This weeks first installment of “2 EP Tuesday” is the Where The Kids Are EP from the L.A. duo Blondfire. Not only is this band just full of good ol’ family bonding (members Erica and Bruce Driscoll are siblings), but this EP brings the return of their admired indie electro-pop sound. The short, four track collection imprints the band into your brain and quickly convinces you to keep your eyes (ears?) open for a soon-to-come sophomore LP. But with no date or word as to if/when that will be hitting shelves, we can sit and wait peacefully with the borderline tease that is this EP.

It opens up with title track “Where The Kids Are”, with watery and dreamy keys overwhelmed with a powerful rhythm section. The song is able to capture the group’s Cranberries-Passion Pit feel while pulling off the electric guitar leads during the refrain and bridge. “Hide and Seek” keeps the same punch in the synth bass and drums while including an entrancing keyboard riff. A large aspect of this song is Erica Driscoll’s vocals (attributable to those of JJAMZ’s Z Berg) that take control and easily capture a listener. “Waves” opens up with an acoustic guitar and continues through an Empire of the Sun style song. With a coincidentally beachy sound, it paints a wonderful picture and puts forth a lot of energy. The EP gets closed out by “Walking With Giants”, a song with a rock undertone and that also instills wisdom (“The bigger they come, the harder they fall”).

Before this point, Blondfire has only released one album and didn’t have much to show for it other than an iTunes acoustic session. This release has a few snags, with the alternative beach rock second half becoming less appealing than the more electronic first half. That being said, the Where The Kids Are EP should breed confidence for this duo, and if it’s anything close to predicting the group’s future then they will be ending their music careers with a substantial amount of fans and money. Blondfire snags an 84/100, and you can check out their Soundcloud or their music video for “Where The Kids Are” down below.

Where The Kids Are EP Tracklisting:

  1. Where The Kids Are
  2. Hide and Seek
  3. Waves
  4. Walking With Giants


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