Nutshell Album Review: Fashions – Young Heart EP (“2 EP Tuesday” 12-04-12)

FashionsThe start of “2 EP Tuesday” comes with a wave of indie electro pop groups, with this week’s second EP being Fashions’ Young Heart EP. The New York trio has been on the rise since August based on their synthy overdubs and wide range of guest vocalists, and they were also featured as the Artists of the Month for November in NYC’s chapter of Deli Magazine. I know these days it’s impossible to find a band that’s trying to make it into the indie scene with hook-based-sort-of-electronic music. Even if, by some weird happenstance, every single band was trying their hand at that genre, Fashions would still stand out. These are three very talented musicians who can expect something big to come of this short EP.

Young Heart opens with “Slip Away”, the band’s first single that features the Fashions Children’s Choir and David Wood from Teens. It features the unique vocal loops that are familiar to Stepdad, and it has a dancefloor beat to it that has it begging to be remixed. It also quickly establishes the band’s use of vocal harmonies to fill out the sound. Next up is “I-95”, which is honestly much more cute sounding than the previous track. The track has more of a groove than a fast-paced dance beat, and it features a lot of synth lead to create more riffs and hooks than “Slip Away”. Throw in more vocal harmonizing (with the help of Sarah Rudy) and it turns out as another well put together song. Oh, and don’t worry saxophone lovers; totally awesome saxophone solos come up in this song. The EP is closed out with title track “Young Heart”, a hybrid between 80’s dance pop and M83-like volume intervals that features guest vocals from Coco Guillen, and a clean edit of “Slip Away”.

Even though it received an uncharacteristically short review, Fashions’ Young Heart EP is something you need to follow. The band is already getting widespread recognition for their first three songs, which some artists may not get until their third album (just ask Gotye…). Fashions seems to have come at the perfect time to help bridge the gap to what may become the new subgenres of indie and pop music, so in ten years some of you may get to say that you knew them before they were famous. The Young Heart EP gets a 92/100, and you can check out Fashions on Bandcamp, their website, or various other links.

Young Heart EP Tracklisting:

  1. Slip Away
  2. I-95
  3. Young Heart
  4. Slip Away (Clean Edit)

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