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Lollapalooza Lineup Leak?

As is the case almost every year, Twitter accounts have erupted claiming to be music festival insiders who are aware of what the lineup for that respective festival will be that Summer, months before there’s any itching of a clue of the actual lineups. This has happened again for Lollapalooza, with a star-studded top half of the lineup leaked on Twitter, along with none other than @TheLollaLeaker himself being called out on it. After someone being kind enough to un-blur the cryptic photos that were posted, this is what the lineup is (allegedly) set to be.

Lollapalooza festival goers may be seeing the following acts this Summer:
The Flaming Lips, The Cure, Jay-Z, Blur, Mumford & Sons, Skrillex, Vampire Weekend, How to Destroy Angels, MGMT, and many others.


Grammy Awards 2013

55th_Grammy_Awards_Official_PosterFor those of you who don’t know, tonight marks the 55th annual Grammy Awards following what ended up being a pretty big year in the scheme of the music industry. While not necessarily “predictions” per say, Nutshell Music Group compiled a group of hopeful winners at tonight’s ceremony. This of course is not covering all categories, but the ones that feature artists or genres that are specific to our focus group. So, here goes nothing!

Record of the Year – “Lonely Boy” by The Black Keys
The distinction between this award and Song of the Year is often overlooked. The former is a performance award, with the latter being specifically for song writing. “Lonely Boy” has been one of the most played songs of the last year and the band’s live performances of the track have been praised all over the country. The Black Keys had quite a few hits that came out of El Camino, but this is the one that led the way.

Song of the Year – “We Are Young” by Fun. featuring  Janelle Monáe 
Fun. was able to weasel their way into everyone’s heart this year with songs off of Some Nights, most notably this one. Never before has a song been able to so successfully get significant airtime on rock, alternative, and pop radio stations as “We Are Young” without the band having to come out with different versions of a track. This song is hooky, catchy, and just all around well written.

Best New Artist – Alabama Shakes
As much as people may be contesting this, Alabama Shakes is most likely the most underrated band of 2012. This category is going to be hard fought this year, but behind huge praise from major music publications like Spin and Rolling Stone, and a couple of impressive festival performances to boot, Alabama Shakes have cemented themselves into musical significance this year.

Album of the Year – Some Nights by Fun.
This was a hard internal battle for me to choose between this and Channel OrangeSome Nights really sticks out because of the popularity it was able to rise to both in sales and radio airplay. Fun. went from being a virtually unknown group to global superstars overnight because of this album.

Lollapalooza 2013 Predictions: Episode IV

Can we all just agree it’s fair to skip the whole intro thing and just get to some more predictions? Alright, sounds like a plan. It’s only a few, but it’s still some new names to throw into the mix.

  • Alice in Chains – It hasn’t been uncommon for the festival to throw in a 90’s revival band here and there, and the spot for grunge bands seems to be having a comeback. With Alice in Chains expected to unveil a new album later this year and a lack of a Chicago tour date on their Spring tour, it’s always a possibility.
  • Yo La Tengo – Let’s face it, Fade is an awesome album. These guys have been doing it for a long time and it’s obvious that adding them to the bill will introduce a crowd of indie adults to the group of age-deprived festival goers.
  • The Flaming Lips – Wayne Coyne has had a goof-ball, go off the deep end sort of year, and with a collaboration album and another “normal” Flaming Lips album due out in April, the festival kings are sure to explode back into Chicago with open arms waiting for them (and whatever giant inflatable objects they’ll bring for this tour).
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