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Dear Readers:

Today, I regret to inform you that Nutshell Music Group is officially going to be entering an abbreviated hiatus for the coming weeks/months. It is not a surprise that the amount of posts made on our behalf has ceased dramatically, and our support throughout the last month or so hasn’t been far behind. We are in no way, however, suggesting that you (the readers) are the one to blame for the hiatus. We greatly appreciate all of the dedicated readers we have amassed over the last 9 months, as this is something that exploded far past what I envisioned when I created it in my basement last June. So thank you so much to everyone who has kept us writing.

This is by no means a farewell announcement. It is just a warning that the frequency of posting is going to be significantly less (sometimes nonexistent) than otherwise seen. The Lollapalooza predictions, for example, will still be running at the speed we can run it at. On the end of album and concert reviews, however, they will be slim to none in the coming weeks.

The straightforward answer to why this announcement is happening is time. We have just gained popularity (which created a demand for new material) at a time in which our entire staff is caught up on either entering college life or the job world. These two activities have absorbed the time of our writing staff, making it nearly impossible for things to continue chugging along at the speed they were at the beginning of this year.

I would like to thank all of you for your support of NSMG over its history to this point. As stated above, we will continue to write and publish as often as possible. Not too far in the future, we will also be able to step up and continue the site as it was at its peak. So continue commenting, emailing, and checking for new material. We could not have gotten to this point without you.

Collin Thomas
Creator, Writer – Nutshell Music Group

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