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Lollapalooza 2013 Lineup Predictions

IMG_0049Even though we haven’t even broken into winter, there is already a typhoon of speculation about who will be making their rounds at music festivals in Summer 2013. Bonnaroo presale tickets came and went in three minutes, and we’ve already seen message boards and websites be riddled with alleged lineups. With Nutshell being based out of and somewhat centered around the Chicago area, I thought it would be a perfect outlet for my 3rd annual Lollapalooza lineup predictions. This will, for the first time, be live updating. Bands will be crossed out and added as time goes on, up until the midnight lineup release some time in April. That is, if the Chicago Tribune would stop leaking it at 10:30. Think of this as an open discussion. Your thoughts are all appreciated, but they will only be read, reviewed, and utilized for this list if they are posted in the comments section below. That being said, we want your input. If you think I’m wrong, tell me why.

Here’s my current lineup predictions for Lollapalooza 2013, set for August 2-4:

  • Animal Collective – The dukes of modern indie rock haven’t graced the Lollapalooza stages since 2009, and they already found themselves in a premiere Saturday night slot. With Centipede Hz now under their belts and no extensive touring schedule, you can expect them to be hitting one of Chicago’s many festivals. After 2009’s powerhouse performance, it would be foolish for both the band and the festival if they did not end up in a headliner’s position this Summer.
  • Wu-Tang Clan – Now before you argue, look at the facts. According to an interview with AV Club, Clan producer RZA said that he had been contacted by Bonnaroo and Coachella, and that there’s a chance Lollapalooza has also been in contact with him about a Wu-Tang festival run. With one album having its 20th anniversary and another new one in the works, why not play a few festivals?
  • Alabama Shakes & The Temper Trap – Among many of the acts that had to be cancelled or shuffled around during last year’s mud pit, these two groups got the short end of the stick. They both had solid late afternoon slots and the potential to draw large crowds, so it would not come as a major surprise to see their names back on the bill.
  • The Avett Brothers – Backed by this year’s release of The Carpenter, the American folk group has never played on Lollapalooza’s stage. They hit their Chicago dates early on the supporting tour for the album, and a group like this would surely thrive in an outdoor festival.
  • MGMT – The group hasn’t hit the festival since 2010, and with an R.E.M.-inspired new album in the works it wouldn’t be a surprise to see them return for a third time. With three albums and their debut EP all in the catalog, the psychedelic collective would be a comfortable fit in a 5 or 6 headliner spot.
  • Phoenix – The French indie pop group hasn’t had much to say since the conclusion of their last tour, and with only one Lollapalooza appearance (2010) to date, the mysterious new album that is apparently being hammered out, a last second American Summer tour announcement with a few festivals wouldn’t be the biggest of surprises.
  • Vampire Weekend – Even though the band made a stop at last year’s Pitchfork Music Festival, they have been on a somewhat hiatus when finishing out their new album. They already have an impressive new single that’s presumably from the record, and it isn’t uncommon to see the two Chicago festivals swap bands for consecutive festival seasons. Since 2009, bands that have hit stages at both festivals include Animal Collective, Neon Indian, Washed Out, and  tUnE-yArDs, so Vampire Weekend could very well be returning to Grant Park come August.

Again, your comments are welcome below. Tell us what you’re thinking; who do you think will be playing at Grant Park in August?

Nutshell Album Review: The Temper Trap – The Temper Trap

Despite the blatant lack of creativity in the naming of this album (isn’t your FIRST album supposed to be the self titled one?), The Temper Trap’s sophomore effort is worth noting. They came back with something fresh and new, while still being noticeable as that little known quartet from back in 2009. When I say new, is that the opinion of someone who never moved passed the “Sweet Disposition” bandwagon? Maybe. Is it the opinion of someone who never really got a taste of Conditions, even three years after the fact? That’s unimportant. What is important is that the now FIVE piece band (after the official addition of Joseph Greer) comes back with a powerful-sounding second album that proves they can do more than “Sweet Disposition”. In fact, they kick that idea in the teeth and say “So long!” to those hoping for more high harmonies and delay effects.

The album starts with “Need Your Love”, which has gotten radio airplay everywhere INCLUDING under a rock. But it’s well deserved, and The Temper Trap could not have picked a better single to lead this album past the success of Conditions. After that is “London’s Burning”, a song chock full of British people in distress, Black Keys style guitar riffs, and Dougy Mandagi screaming his
head off backed by four more yelling musicians. Oh and is that a bass wobble? It is. It is a bass wobble. Then comes “Trembling Hands” to show that Mandagi still has his golden pipes and that the band can still sound heavenly. This song can’t be described any way except for beautiful. This continues through “The Sea Is Calling”, which may or may not be about Mandagi’s feelings on the band’s home country, and “Miracle”, a song complete with a lot of keyboard and fantastic harmonies. But they’re low harmonies, so I stand by what I said earlier. “This Isn’t Happiness” takes us back to the teeth kicking with a powerful bass line, fast drum beats, and even a wah pedal. “Where Do We Go From Here” brings back the fun synth bass we heard earlier in the album, and brings a sound to the table you could easily attribute to Young The Giant. “Never Again” and “Dreams” continue the sounds established early in the album, but keep it on the mellow side. “Rabbit Hole” breaks out the acoustic guitar and shows of Mandagi’s vocal skills once again, along with the strength of Toby Dundas’ bass drum foot. Halfway through the song explodes with a raw power never seen from them before. The album closes out on a more relaxing note with “I’m Gonna Wait” and the piano influenced “Leaving Heartbreak Hotel”. But don’t worry my friends, the album’s finale hits all aspects of The Temper Trap right on the head. Really a great jumping off point for another new album.

The Temper Trap are no strangers to knowing what it feels like to make it big with your first album. They’re also no strangers to knowing what it feels like to be pressured to produce a second album that is even better. They blew that idea right out of the water, and they’ll have fun trying to put something together that’s better than this. 91/100, and it’s available now.

The Temper Trap Tracklisting:

  1. Need Your Love
  2. London’s Burning
  3. Trembling Hands
  4. The Sea Is Calling
  5. Miracle
  6. This Isn’t Happiness
  7. Where Do We Go From Here
  8. Never Again
  9. Dreams
  10. Rabbit Hole
  11. I’m Gonna Wait
  12. Leaving Heartbreak Hotel
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